This is the last government of Nepali Congress : CPN-UML Chairman Oli

Left alliance mass meeting in Amarsingh Chaur, Pokhara on Saturday. Picture:

By Rup Narayan Dhakal: Pokhara—CPN-UML Chairman and former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli Saturday claimed that the existing government would be the last government led by Nepali Congress.

Addressing a mass meeting organized by left alliance in Amarsingh Chaur of Pokhara, Oli claimed that there would be no government of Nepali Congress in Nepal in future. He further added that the left alliance would garner majority of seats in upcoming federal and provincial polls and would form a strong government for at least five years. “We would form a government for the stability in Nepal,” Oli said, there won’t be a nine-month long government after the polls.

Chairman Oli also made clear that there won’t be an autocratic government if the left alliance form a government. ‘Instead we safeguard the democracy,’ Chairman oli said. According to him, the constitution goes into full implementation following the completion of the polls. Polls would also end the transition in Nepal and fix the way to prosperity. Saying that the railway network would be built from Kerung to Lumbini via Kathmandu and to Pokhara, Oli said that the communist government would start the development works in Nepal.

Oli also accused Nepali Congress of making electoral alliance with a force that is for fragmentation. According to Oli Rastriya Janata Party is that force and NC is doing alliance with that party. RJP has just unveiled its manifesto that urged multi nationalities in a nation. “RJP manifesto is anti national,” Oli added, that is against communal harmony and supports for caste based rules. ‘NC is supporting the party like RJP and it is a big conspiracy,’ Oli said.

CPN-Maoist leader Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal, CPN-UML leaders Khaga Raj Adhikari and Prabha Koirala put their views in the program chaired by CPN-Maoist Leader Bakhan Singh Gurung.

Published on: November 25, 2017 3:46 pm

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