Parliamentary, provincial polls undergoing in Nepal

Pokhara—Nepalese people are casting their votes under first phase of parliamentary and provincial polls in 32 districts of Nepal today.

Thousands of people are queuing in poling centers to cast their votes and some of the voters have already done their job. Voting began at 7 am and will last at 5 pm today. A total of 702 candidates are in election field. 3,191,945 voters are eligible for today’s polls. The second phase of polls would be held on December 7 in 45 districts.

In the context of election, a bomb was detonated in a polling center at Bhanu Secondary School in Taplejung district of Nepal yesterday. The bomb that was already planted in the ground went off as there was undergoing the construction of corridors for queuing purpose. There is no report of human casualty.

There are 37 and 74 constituencies for parliamentary and provincial polls for today. Voters get three colors of three ballot papers and they have right of casting four votes through those papers. Two votes for first past the post system of parliamentary and provincial candidates and other two for proportional base system in provincial and parliamentary assembly.

Published on: November 26, 2017 9:11 am

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