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By Amrit Dhakal– The deracination of monarchical system paved the way for republican Nepal which can be taken as one of the crucial steps in the procedure of building new Nepal. Nobody can confute this fact that to bring this situation as the foundation of New Nepal, Nepali youths as the major force of the campaign had played a vital role.

However; the dream of new Nepal will remain incomplete until and unless the state can respect their contribution. The history is pointed and obvious that Nepali youths always kept themselves in the front line of every revolution commenced for the welfare of the state and its people. The ten-year-people’s war launched by Maoists is the remarkable example in which People’s Liberation Army combated against the feudalistic monarchical system dreaming to reconfigure the nation.

Not only that millions of youths demonstrated and chanted slogans against the same autocratic regime of the then king Gyanendra in Janaandolan 062/063 which helped the dream of republican country come true. So, youths have become the major sources of any revolution initiated towards the progression.  Unfortunately, Nepali politicians never valued youths’ importance they played in every step of change. The greatest irony is that they always used youths as a weapon to fulfill their vested interest. They thought youths as the ladder to uplift their political career. They never thought even a single second about the catastrophic future of millions of youths.

 Now, thousands of unemployed youths have become major challenge to the state. And, there is no doubt youth unemployment is growing day by day. The situation has compelled thousands of youths to go gulf countries to make ends meet. Similarly, almost twenty thousand students go foreign country per year for their higher education, and most of them hesitate to return motherland showing the reason that they see no future in Nepal because of instable political situation. But the state has no concern about such dreary situation of brain drain.

Moreover, the most distressing thing is that Finance Minister Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat gets proud in such degraded condition claiming that the state has improved its economic sector from the remittance. One of the causes of moving to foreign country for higher education is our old educational policy and the quality of education as well. The educational policy of 2028 should be amended because it is no more applicable now. Education in new Nepal should be directed towards attaining the pragmatic knowledge.

 Now the educationists should focus upon the technical education while preparing the curriculum which will be avail to reduce youth unemployment problem. So, the new government should give its priority to solve the problems faced by the youths thereby establishing an authorized youth ministry.  Planners should also keep all the youths at the center while conceiving new Nepal. Otherwise the situations will be much awful if the youths are compelled to organize a movement for their right.

Published on: June 1, 2016 9:41 pm

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