The Holy Bhadrakali Temple

Bhadrakali Temple which is situated in Pokhara is famous for its holiness.
Bhadrakali Temple in Pokhara.–Pokhara, a beautiful tourist city, is considered rich in natural and religious heritage. When talking about the religious aspect of Pokhara valley, the Bhadrakali Temple holds a prominent place as a popular destination. The temple is situated on a small forested hilltop with a boundary of around 950 meters.

According to historical records, the Bhadrakali Temple was initially established in 1901 BS by Lal Mohar and later, Ramchandra Khatri founded the Ganesh Temple. The current president of the Ganesh and Bhadrakali Temple Service Committee is Mr Yogendraman Shrestha. The legend says that when people started worshiping the Ganesh deity, Goddess Bhadrakali declared, “I am also present here but nobody searches for me.” This statement is depicted on a black stone with the face of a cow, and it is believed that the stone represents the Goddess and people worship it. Later, the Devi was installed in the temple in the form of a deity brought from Kathmandu.

Initially, the area where the temple is now located was known as Mudula Thumki, but with the establishment of the Ganesh Temple and the fame of Bhadrakali, it came to be known as Bhadrakali Danda. Devotees and residents of Pokhara come here to worship the revered deity, considering her as the Kuladevata (family deity) and an object of profound devotion. People believe that offering donations to Kali fulfills desires and brings prosperity.

The temple complex also houses statues of Lord Ganesh, Laxminarayan, and Hanuman. During the festival of Dashain, a fair is held here, and during Chaitra Dashain, there is also a significant gathering. The temple conducts regular puja ceremonies on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and full moon days, along with various other rituals such as weddings, vow ceremonies, and Mahaaarti on the eighth day of the bright half of the month.

Infrastructures in Bhadrakali Temple

The Ganesh and Bhadrakali Temple Service Committee has undertaken various initiatives for the betterment of the temple, including the construction of water tanks and stairs, bringing electricity, maintenance and renovation of the temple complex, and the reconstruction of various structures. A master plan has been prepared to develop the temple area into a Goddess Panchayan Shaktipeeth (a seat of power), along with the establishment of a Shivalaya (Shiva temple) and a Suryanarayan temple. Additionally, there is a plan to create Bhadrakali Shanti Vatika (park) where a large pond has already been constructed.

The temple area, with its vibrant greenery and serene atmosphere, is full of life and beauty. Even though it is a small location, it boasts rich biodiversity. Recently, a walking trail has been constructed in the plain section, adding to the attraction of the temple area. The temple is well-maintained, with railings for safety and steps built for visitors. Tourists from both within the country and abroad visit the Bhadrakali Temple. Apart from the religious significance, visitors can also witness the various activities and customs of the people, adding to the cultural experience of the place.

As the popular Bhadrakali Temple continues to flourish as a prominent religious and cultural landmark in Pokhara, its allure extends beyond its spiritual significance. The temple complex’s infrastructure development and conservation efforts have played a crucial role in maintaining its allure and accessibility to visitors and devotees.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Ganesh and Bhadrakali Temple Service Committee, the temple area has witnessed significant improvements. The construction of water tanks and stairs has made the temple more accessible, ensuring that devotees and tourists can approach the sacred site with ease and safety. The introduction of electricity has illuminated the temple grounds, enhancing its charm during evening hours and religious ceremonies.

Published on: July 28, 2023 2:30 pm

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