SSP Gautam pledges horn banned Lakeside

Pokhara—Gandaki Zonal Police Office SSP Bishnu Hari Gautam pledged he would try to make Lakeside a horn prohibited area.

According to Pokhara Tourism Council, Gautam has ordered his juniors to take necessary steps to make horn banned Lakeside soon. Tourism entrepreneurs from Lakeside have been urging for peaceful and horn banned as well as noiseless Lakeside for years.

Speaking in an interaction organized by PTC in Pokhara, Gautam vowed that he would try to announce Lakeside a hornless area from first of Baisakh 1 that is Nepali New Year. He also said that he is serious about the traffic management not only in Lakeside area but in overall the area he is responsible for.

Gautam also pledged that he is for soundproof discos and restaurants. ‘I would also focus my effort against modified bike and pressure horn,’ he said. He claimed that he would go for legal punishment against those who is responsible for noise pollution breaching the rule and regulations.

Gautam Also said that larger tourism vehicles should start their journey from tourism bus park but nor from the area wherever they like. According to him, tourist buses couldn’t go to the every doorstep of the hotels. Bigger vehicles especially Indian number plates are parked in the roadsides of Lakeside that makes the traffic jammed and cause accidents.

PTC Chairman Kedar Nath Sharma, vice chairman Bharat Raj Parajuli, PTC former Chairman Ganesh Bahadur Bhattarai, former NTB member duos Basu Dev Tripathi and Tika Ram Sapkota also were present in the interaction.

Published on: April 6, 2017 7:00 pm

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