Binod Baniya’s new song Parbati released in Pokhara

From left- Tirtha Shrestha, Deepak Sameep, Shanti Baniya and Binod Baniya. Picture: NICK Studio

Pokhara—Singer Binod Baniya once again has come up with a new Song Parbati after the striking success of his Balenima which was revealed in 2016. Singer Baniya, who was recently honored with Lalit Kumar Hel Kumari Batajoo Memorial Music Award 2075, was standing at a program organized by Pokhareli Yuva Sanskritik Pariwar in Pokhara Theater to let his Parbati out.

Baniya’s beloved mother Shanti released the song in a formal ceremony held on Tuesday. The song was written by lyricist and poet Tirtha Shrestha and music was arranged by Hari Lamsal. The story behind the song takes us to Bhujung of Lamjung where poet Shrestha once happened to notice an ironic view of a young widow fetching water from a tap during his visit.

That situation touched Shrestha and he then translated that image into a song that jolted Baniya and caused to record for the audiences. ‘Simple wordings and different story of song touched my heart’, Baniya further said about the song, I had also lost my dad before I came to this earth, so this song is for all the widows and that kind of mothers of the earth.

The song wordings spread the messages of social awareness and called for hope and happiness even after the life through sad and sorrow. Bikash Lamichhane, Srijana GC and Anil Lamichhane have featured in the video of the song. Lyricist Shrestha, FNJ Kaski Chairman Dipendra Shrestha, PYSP Chairman and litterateur Deepak Sameep and another litterateur Upendra Paudel also talked about the contribution and character of singer Baniya during the ceremony.

Published on: July 11, 2018 2:34 pm

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