Singer Baniya hopeful for his new song Baleni

Binod Baniya–Popular singer Binod Baniya has come up with a new music video called Baleni produced by Asian Music. The video has been watched by more than 25,000 Youtubers within 10 days of its posting. The video goes viral among the music lovers as it came with a bang like. A short chitchat with singer Baniya is presented here. Excerpts:

What type of song is Balenima?
It is new romantic song picked from my third album Profile. As I sang it, there was no plan of visualizing it at first; but later as I study the sentiment of my audiences and viewers; we decided to make a video too.

Why did you choose such wordings that sauki chhori kausima, dil basyo rausima; isn’t it a bit floating type of lyrics?
I did dozen of songs in pop, folk and patriotic genres but now I decided to give some new taste to my audiences as the society is changing day by day and my fans wish to listen something funny that I tried to fulfill by Baleni.

Tell us the reason that you have been struggling here in Pokhara instead of choosing capital-city Kathmandu or going abroad to earn more?
I have been in music sector for more than 17 years basing on Pokhara. I could go Kathmandu to catch better opportunities or could go to even foreign land to earn more money but I want to show that one could get popularity even from local level. I would like to contribute something to Pokhara. And, who would be left for here if everybody targets Kathmandu and abroad?

But in late, you are focused on business rather than in music sector as you started Melody Café; right?
It’s not true because Melody itself is not only a restaurant; it is also a musical restaurant. Every evening we offer musical time here; and we have also created employment for half dozen of artists including other staffers too.

What would like to say to your audiences at last?
Audiences are my god who have loved me and my vocal for years. It is my great honour to have such lovely viewers and audiences who also loved my varieties of songs including gajal and the sports song that I sang for Sahara Club Pokhara. My earlier two albums- debut Manchhe and 2nd Doubt remained successful because of my valuable fans.


Published on: July 22, 2016 6:44 pm

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