31 killed in Mexico firework market explosions

The scene of Mexican market after explosion. Picture: FB screenshot.

Recentfusion.com—Mexico: At least 31 people killed and dozens other injured while series of massive explosions destroyed a fireworks market out of Mexican capital city on Thuesday.

International televisions were showing the giant plume of smoke above the market. The sounds of big explosion were heard during the incidents. Such incident was happened third time within a decade in the city of San Pablito which is a marketplace in Tultepec. The place locates 32km north of Mexico City.
The incident happened at a time when people are preparing for the Christmas celebration and are busy in shopping for that festival.

According to Reuters news agency, some children suffered burns to more than 90 percent of their bodies and were being sent to the U.S. city of Galveston in Texas for treatment, said Eruviel Avila, the governor of the State of Mexico in which Tultepec is located.

Isidro Sanchez, the head of Tultepec emergency services, feared earlier that there was lack of safety measures and that was the likely cause of the explosions. More than 75 people have been injured and some of them are badly burned. More than 78 percent of the 300 around stalls at the market were destroyed by the explosions, said state official Jose Manzur.

Published on: December 21, 2016 2:43 pm

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