Tamu Pye Lhu Sangh elects new executive body

Posing for group picture following the election. Picture: Mani Gurung/FB

Recentfusion.com—Pokhara:  Hitkaji Tu Tamu has been elected as a president of Tamu Pye Lhu Sangh (TPLS) in Pokhara on Saturday.

The 26th annual general meeting and fourth convention unanimously elected the Hitkaji as a president of the organization. The convention was held at the official building of TPLS in Pokhara- 11, Shaktighat.

The convention elected Indra Bahadur Chamru Tamu in senior vice president, Aibahadur Lhenge Tamu in first vice president, Pam Bahadur Kromchhe Tamu in second vice president and Mohal Lal Tamu in third vice president of the TPLS. Likewise, Shanti Parju Tamusyo was elected in a general secretary and Buddhi Chamru Tamu in secretary from the convention.

Loken Phachu Tamu was elected in joint secretary, Bal Bahadur Tu Tamu in treasurer and Kanchan Lhenge Tamusyo in joint treasurer. At the same time, the convention also elected its center members too.

Chini Maya Phachu Tamu, Ben Bahadur Chamru Tamu, Indira Kromchhe Tamu, Manju Ghale Tamu, Tula Ram Tamu, Dhan Bahadur Tamu, Captain Tir Bahadur Tamu, Buddha Bahadur Tamu, Til Bahadur Tamu, Lok Bahadur Tamu, Bhim Bahadur Tamu, Sita Devi Tamu, Dev Maya Tamu, Yamar Bahadur Tamu, Harka Bahadur Tamu, Devi Bahadur Tamu and Narayan Kaji Tamu were elected as center members of TPLS.

An election committee led by Dal Bahadur Thorje Tamu conducted the election process of TPLS center committee. Advocate Juna Kumari Parju Tamu and Jham Bahadur Kromchhe Tamu were the members of that election committee.

Published on: September 26, 2016 5:10 pm

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