At least 247 killed in Italy earthquake

The debris of collapsed houses in Italy. Picture: Massimo Percossi, EPA—Rome:  At least 247 people killed and hundreds injured as 6.2 magnitude earthquake rocked the central Italy, informed Civil Protection Department toady.

Dozen are assumed trapped under the debris in Amatrice, Accumoli including Pescara del Tronto in mountainous area of earthquake hit areas. The search and rescue operation are undergoing following the earthquake happened at around 3.36 AM in the morning local time. Around 4400 rescuers have been deployed in the incident site.

People who saw their house collapsed passed their night outside in the ground or inside temporary tents. According to BBC, the mayor of Amatrice said three-quarters of the town had been destroyed and no building was safe for habitation.

Most of the people affected by tremor were on holiday in the site. Some people were in Amatrice for a festival to mark a popular local specialty – amatriciana bacon and tomato sauce.

The earthquake is not a new thing for the people of Italy as  2009 L’Aquila tremor killed more than 300 people.

Published on: August 25, 2016 1:03 pm

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