Culture, food and music are key attractions of Fewa Festival

Ganesh Raj Pahari, General Secretary, PHAP

Ganesh Raj Pahari is the General Secretary of Paschimanchal Hotel Association Pokhara (PHAP). He is also a publicity sub-committee coordinator of 16th Fewa New Year Festival 2076 that is going to be started from April 12 at Komagane park of Pokhara. Here is a short chitchat with Pahari about the festival. Excerpts:

What are the key objectives of Fewa Festival?
Pokhara promotion and the preservation of Nepali culture as well as traditional Nepali costumes are the major objectives of the festival. Promotion, exhibition and selling of typical Nepali foods also are the parts of the festival.

What effects have former Fewa Festivals left as it is going to be held for 16th time in Pokhara?
Fewa festival have created visiting habits among the Nepalis. Tourists like to visit Pokhara repeatedly and they fond of nature, culture and adventure of this beautiful city. Most of the schools remain close following the examinations and there makes travelling environment in this time.

Visitors have a strong complaint that room tariff skyrockets and food prices are expensive during the Fewa Festival in Pokhara, what do you say?
This is not hundred percent true however the room and food tariff are depends on demand and supply. Visitors used to face such situation in the past when demand was high and supply was limited but we have now enough hotels and rooms; so, that has not happened in recent years. At the same time, we are conscious on the part of price monitoring.

What works have PHAP carried out to protect the Fewa Lake as the festival has included the name of that lake too?
We are tying up with Fewa Watershed Ecosystem Management Board to protect the Phewa lake and have carried out protection activities especially in the upper part of the the lake. Seed money more than Rs 1 lakh also have been supported to this area. Some sanitation works also are carried out to protect the lake.

What are the major attractions of the Fewa Festival?
Cultural tableau competition, Gandaki Province level dance competition, tourist race, typical Nepali food, pop concerts are some of the key attractions of the festival. The festival mainly focuses on food, culture and music.

Published on: April 6, 2019 2:37 pm

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