Sikles offers warm hospitality: Paras

Surendra Jung Gurung (Paras)

Surendra Jung Gurung as known as Paras is the Hotel Tourism Entrepreneurs’ Committee Sikles chairman. He is also an owner of Sikles Guest House which is a first guest house of this village. He has been in hotel business for more than 25 years. Our editor Rup Narayan Dhakal has talked to Mr. Gurung about the tourism of Sikles. Excerpts:

How is the tourist arrival trend of Sikles in recent years?
The number of Sikles visiting tourists is soaring up day by day in recent years. The arrival of domestic tourists is higher than the foreigners. The arrival began to rise following the construction of Pokhara-Sikles road. We could except the caravan of visitors if the road to Sikles is pitched.

What about the tourism infrastructures in Sikles, are they enough?
Of course; there are more than 12 hotels and 21 homestays in the village. Sikles offers very good accommodation and hospitality. Similarly, broadband Internet, telephone and basic health services are also available here. Visitors can arrive here either by trekking or off-road journey.

It has been heard that there is a cutthroat competition between hotels and homestays; what is the reality?
It is totally wrong as there is not unhealthy competition among the entrepreneurs. Homestays and hotels are doing their own business. Instead, visitors are getting the options of selection as per their wish of hotel and homestays.

What are the major attractions of Sikles? why to visit this village?
The age-old carved stone steps, more than 400 typical houses, view of avalanches over Annapurna II, herds of sheep and their shades, locally produced delicious potatoes; mustard leaves and pleasant weather are some of the major attractions of this village situates in 2,000 meter from sea level.

How much should a visitor pay to pass a night in Sikles?
Rupees 1,000 is enough for one night for a person in Sikles. A Non-veg lunch and a dinner including hotel room are available in this tariff. Hotels are not expensive than homestays here in Sikles.

Published on: December 14, 2018 2:26 pm

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