Deepak Raj Joshee rejected for Chief Justice of Supreme Court

Deepak Raj Joshi

Pokhara— Parliamentary Hearing Committee has disapproved the name of Deepak Raj Joshee for a Chief Justice of Supreme Court today.

There are 15 members in committee and 10 of them ruled out to approve Joshee as the CJ. Main opposition five members close to Nepali Congress boycotted the voting process to decide the Joshee’s fate. Ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and Federal Socialist Forum party close members voted against the Joshee’s name.

Committee member Yogesh Bhattarai has given the five reasons in disapproving the Joshee’s name. According to Bhattarai, Joshee failed to submit his road-map if he was appointed in CJ. Joshee also didn’t answer the questions satisfactory asked by the committee. His academic certificates were appeared controversial and his date of birth also was seemed suspicious. Joshee was also blamed of not doing exemplary task during his tenure in judiciary. Joshee was thought that he won’t be able to make judiciary free and capable.

Issuing a statement, Nepal Bar Association accused the committee of attacking the free judiciary by ruling out the Joshee’s name. Joshee however would retain as acting CJ until the selection of new CJ. Following the disapproval of Joshee’s name, Judiciary Council has right of recommendation of two names for CJ. Om Prakash Mishra and Cholendra Samsher JBR are possible candidates for the CJ.

Published on: August 3, 2018 5:32 pm

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