Three killed as car and truck burried in Siddha Baba landslides

Butwal—Three persons were killed as landslides buried a car and truck near Siddha Baba Temple along the Butwal Tansen road section of Siddhartha Highway this morning. The accident occurred as the vehicles started to go through freshly cleared road that was obstructed by the boulders slide since Friday evening.

Landslides buried Na 3 Kha 6191 number truck and Lu 1 Cha 7994 number car. The landslide claimed the lives of car driver Ruru Rural Municipality Baletaksar Yam Lal Gnwali, 26 and Tilak Ram Bhandari of Gulmi Kaule.

Likewise, truck driver Madhav Rana of Tinau Rural Municipality also is among the deceased. Bhandari and Rana faced spot death while Gnwali breathed his last at Lumbini Hospital Butwal. Radhika who is the wife of Tilak Ram was also travelling in the car got normal injury during the accident happened at Hedbox of Dobhan in Tinau Rural Municipality.

Hundred of passengers had stranded due to Friday’s rock slides as well as killer boulders’ slide of Saturday but now recent obstruction has also been cleared and the road now is seeing regular vehicular movement.

Published on: September 23, 2017 2:09 pm

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