Sitaula focuses on national consensus to forge elation laws—Pokhara: Nepali Congress central committee member and former home minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula Sunday said that the political parties should forge national consensus to draft the laws related to the several elections that should be happened within certain time frame as per the existing constitution of Nepal.

Local body election, state election, federal election, parliamentary election and president as well as vice president elections should be carried out with in the period of 18 months as per the existing constitution. So, According to Sitaula, political parties should come to one place to create the laws related to those elections.

Addressing a  press conference organized by Nepal Press Union Kaski, he added that the change of the government is not a big deal. “The issue of new government and new prime minister come after the formation of new laws regarding the elections.” said Sitaula. As the result of one election affects the result of other, all the laws regarding the election should be drafted once instead of turn by turn.

He also urged the government to present the bills regarding to elections as per the consensus so that they would be implemented easily without any protest. Sitaula also urged the government to address the demands of earthquake victims providing cash money them as per the consensus with Nepali Congress.  He also said that the political parties go hand in hand on common economic issues of the nation.

Published on: July 3, 2016 1:05 pm

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