Pawan Kumar Prjapati elected as PCCI Chairman

Pawan Kumar Prajapati. Picture: Photo Milan

By Rup Narayan Dhakal : Pokhara—Pawan Kumar Prajapati has been elected as chairman of the Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) on Sunday. Prajapati secured 1613 votes, 716 more votes than his only rival Arjun Pokhrel who garnered only 897 votes in the election held under the 34th general convention of PCCI.

Pawan panel got a landslide victory to grab all the executives excluding the vice president (chamber) and 4 executive members among 10 members in the election. According to election coordinator Deepak Shrestha, a total of 3143 members had voting rights but only 2549 votes (81%) were cast in the election. Pawan was a senior vice chairman and Arjun was a vice chairman (commerce) in the former committee.

Gokarna Karki was elected as senior vice chairman of the new committee. Devendra KC (chamber) from Arjun pannel and Uttam Man Buddhacharya (commerce) got the responsibility of vice chairman. Likewise, Balram Acharya became general secretary in the new executive body.

Similarly, Dinesh Chandra Bastola and Sobha Gautam were elected as treasurer and deputy general secretary. Prabha Subedi, Balkrishna Koirala, Sudeep Pradhananga, Bhim Gautam, Manoj Kumar Shrestha, and Sudip Ojha were elected as members of the new committee from the Pawan panel. Likewise, Dilip Kumar Shrestha, Bharat KC, Krishna Prasad Koirala, and Madhav Bastakoti are elected members from the Arjun side.  

Jivan Prakash Shrestha, Prem Prasad Subedi, Liladhar Chapai, and Lekhnath Subedi were elected as members on the commodity side. Bandana Karki and Ramprasad Kandel from the corporate side and Yubak Bahadur Basnet from the industry side also are members of the new committee. Four members will be nominated by the chairman of 29 member committee. Immediate past Chairman Narayan Koirala administered the oath of office and secrecy to newly elected Pawan who did the same to his executives. Defeated Pokhrel congratulated the new chairman and executives.

Published on: September 12, 2022 4:33 pm

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