Nepal is safe: TAAN

Pokhara—Trekking Agencies’ Associator of Nepal (TAAN) has claimed that Nepal is not affected from coronavirous and is safe destination to travel. Issuing a statement, TAAN General Secretary Sarita Lama mentions Nepal is safe from coronavirus.

The statement states like this : with the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, global travelers have been alerted about travelling to and from China in particular. Since then China is reported to have implemented a variety of measures to minimize the spread of virus.

This respiratory virus is said to cause mild infection and common cold once contracted while some cases may toot severe. However, travelers necessarily don’t need to panic or worry too much. Due to constant vigilance by government authorities and swift medical response around the world, the spread of virus has been arrested and well under control globally. The Ministry of Health has joined hands with Ministry of tourism in Nepal to check and curb the impact of the virus and isolate such cases when reported.

A separate health desk manned by doctors and health professionals have been set up at Tribhuvan International Airport as well as in all border poi. along Nepal and China. As many as four hospitals are running intensive care unito to treat any patients with coronavirus. So far only one confirmed case has been reported in Nepal and the patient was discharged after required treatment and recovery.

We would like to assure all international travelers and tourists that Nepal is safe for travel. Nepal is continuing its Visit Nepal 2020 campaign and has ensured that all the safety mechanism is in place to contain coronavirus cases and make it safe and sound to travel in Nepal. Happy travelling.

Published on: February 4, 2020 6:26 pm

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