Policies and programs of Province 4 unveiled

Gandaki Province Assembly building

Pokhara—The Province 4 government has unveiled its policies and programs the day before in Pokhara. Governor Baburam Kunwar presented 95-point programs in province assembly meeting.

The policies and programs are mainly focused on tourism, agriculture, energy and industry. Infrastructure development, production and employment also are confined in the charter. According to policy, almost all the households of province 4 would get the 24 hours electricity within 2 years.

Similarly, 2019 would be celebrated as domestic tourism year, 2020 would be neighboring tourism year and the 2022 would be the comprehensive international level Pokhara Tourism Year. As per the plan, the government would collect data and forge laws within a year and another year would be the time of development.

Development of Korala-Pokhara-Triveni Road, construction of Kali Gandaki and Marshyangdi Corridor and the air connection to other cities from Pokharaa are some of the plans of the government. Construction of International seminar hall in Pokhara, study of ring road, construction of stadium and development of healthcare centers are also the parts of policy and programs.

Published on: April 17, 2018 9:19 am

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