Hoteliers visit NWSC Pokhara, urge pure drinking water

WRHA Pokhara executives at NWSC Pokhara office. Picture:

Pokhara—A group of hoteliers from Pokhara today visited the Nepal Water Supply Corporation (NWSC) Pokhara office demanding the pure drinking water as consumers from Pokhara have been seeing contaminated water in their tap for few days.

Western Regional Hotel Association (WRHA) Pokhara Chairman Bikal Tulachan and his executives have urged the NWSC Technical officer Dineshwor Prasad Yadav to take necessary step for the supplying of pure drinking water in Pokhara. At the same time Yadav informed that the problem of gloomy and contaminated water is the cause of landslides near the source of Pokhara drinking water in Mardi area. He also informed that the newly built off roads and the increasing settlements are also the factors of dirty water supplying to Pokhara.

NWSC Pokhara has brought drinking water to Pokhara directly from Mardi stream using the 16″ and 20″ pipes and the office use chlorine to treat the water in Bindhyabasini Pokhara before supplying to consumers. He further informed that there is not any water treatment plant for Mardi stream water that come sto Pokhara. He however made clear that the Japan International Corporation Agency has been engaged to establish the water treatment plant for Mardi water and the plant has supposed to complete within three or four years. Until that, consumers from Pokhara are forced to have contaminated water.

Besides Mardi, Pokhara uses other drinking water from four different springs; so it has been suggested to make treatment plant for those water sources too as the water from those sources too is mixed in same tank for supplying to consumers. Before constructing such plant, the government along with PCCI is helping the locals to build some toilets, laundering points and cremation sites along the Mardi stream. According to NWSC Pokhara, Pokhara has the daily need of 65million liter water but the daily supply is only 45 million liters water to 40,000 households.

Published on: August 9, 2017 5:38 pm

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