NATTA Promotional Tour begins

Team members of NATTA Promotional Tour pose for a picture before leaving for Kathmandu, in Pokhara Airport on Thursday. Picture: Santosh Pokhrel/FB

Pokhara—Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA) Regional Association Pokhara has commenced its promotional campaign today. The week-long NATTA Promotional Tour 2017 will promote Pokhara and overall Nepal in Dhaka and Kolkata.

NATTA executives, members, representative from Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and journalists are in the promotional team. NATTA Pokhara Chairman Dilli Gautam hopes that the campaign will be helpful to lure more tourists from Bangladesh to Pokhara. He also made clear that the campaign is pure promotional tour instead of leisure trip.

According to NTB Pokhara Chief Uday Bhattarai, the sales mission this time targets the tourists whose mother tongue is Bengali. He further added that the most of the people from Bangladesh capital Dhaka and Indian city Kolkata speak Bengali and there are more similarities in their culture too; so the campaign targets those two cities simultaneously.

NATTA Pokhara former chairman and Pokhara Tourism Council chairman Kedar Nath Sharma informed that NATTA had promoted Pokhara in various Indian cities, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and several Nepali cities. According to sales mission coordinator Rajesh Pahari, the campaign members will also visit Chatgaon and Coxbazaar including religious and cultural sites.

NATTA Center welcomes NATTAA Promotional Campaign team members in Kathmandu on Thursday, before leaving for Dhaka. Picture: Santosh Pokhrel/FB


Published on: July 6, 2017 3:42 pm

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