Let’s strengthen people to people relation between Nepal and China

Bishwo Shankar Palikhe, Chairman of PCCI.

Namaste ! CEO of Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan Office Honorable Mr. Dirgha Narayan  Poudel, Chief Guest Excellency Madam Yu Hong, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Nepal. Honorable Mr Ma Quinsheng,  Deputy Director General Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet Autonomous Region- People Republic Of China,  Distinguish guests from Chinese Embassy here in Nepal, delegation team from China, my dear old friend Madam Zhang, ladies  and gentleman.

On behalf of Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan Office, Pokhara Chamber of Commerce & Industry, as well as from we Pokhareli, I heartily welcome Her Excellency Madam Yu Hong, Honorable Mr Ma Quinsheng, Chinese officials from Chinese Embassy, Delegation Team from China and all my dear friends at this gathering of Pokhara Street Solar Light Project Handover Ceremony. We sincerely would like to thanks Excellency Yu Hong and Honorable Mr Ma Quinsheng for giving us such a valuable time and being with us. Thank you Excellency.

The relation between Nepal and China began from the time of God and Goddess; as we Nepali believe that the Lord Manjushree from Tibet came to Kathmandu Valley and chopped the Chobhar Hill to create a Kathmandu Valley. Later, Nepalese Princes Bhrikuti was married to King Songtsen Gampo. So, we have very close relation between Nepal and China from centuries. There is a history that the great Nepalese sculpture Araniko had gone to China to strengthen our relationship. However the relation between two nations was only government to government level since quite long period.

So, we would like to strengthen the people to people level relation and the Friendship Association Here in Nepal & in China are playing a vital role in this regard. We have also started Nepal China Friendship Association here in Pokhara and we also succeed to tie up Sister City Relationship with Linzhi on 2007 July 19, with Kunming on 2013 July 8 and with Guangzhou on 2014. After we tied up our sisterly relation, we have done lots of cultural visits to China & accordingly from Chinese sides too to strengthen our mutual relation. We have got very good support from Chinese side too. Here I’m very happy to say Linzhi Municipal Government has supported Pokhara Municipal Government to set up IT system and supporting more than 50 government schools in the sector of IT. Just after the massive earthquake on 2015, Linzhi Government also has financially supported us.

Excellency ! Ladies & Gentleman! Now let me explain how this Pokhara Street Solar Light Project was started. One early morning I got an e-mail  from FAO of Linzhi, sent by Madam Tu Hong saying that Honorable Wang Dui, Mayor of Linzhi, would like to support Pokhara for street solar light. So we should make a proposal which we had sent to FAO Linzhi. Later on it was sent to FAO of TAR , then luckily one day we got mail saying that FAO TAR will be visiting Pokhara to make necessary documents of signing. During Mr Ma Quinsheng visit to Pokhara, we visited him the sites and told about ground reality. So we were able to sign agreement on 10 Oct 2016.   In this project, Tibet Autonomous Region of PR China has supported us with 1,000 Street Solar Lights which we have installed from Bijayapur Bridge to Hallan Chowk of Lakeside, Buddha Chowk to Forestry Campus, Amar Singh Chowk to Mahendrapool, Prithivi Chowk to Palikhe Chowk,  Sahid Chowk to Rastra Bank Chowk and Prithivi Chowk to Sahid Chowk . These are the key sections of installation and there are still more areas to be covered in the days to come.

Excellency , DG Ma Quinsheng, for repair and maintenance in future, PCCI has clinched an agreement with Pokhara Metropolitan Office. Under this agreement, we will collect the revenue from Advertisement. Pokhara is one of the lucky cities to get three major development support from Government of China. First, Pokhara was linked to Capital city by Prithivi Highway. Second, Pokhara to Baglung Highway, third Seti Irrigation and Hydro project. All above mentioned projects were supported by Government of China. Now, we are eagerly waiting to build an International excess by constructing Pokhara Regional International Airport, which is our dream since last 40 years and now going to be true by the support of Government of China. So, we the people from Western Region of Nepal Kaski and Pokhara are very much thankful to Government of China.

Excellency ! We have been waiting to construct Pokhara Regional International Airport in Chhinedanda where foundation Stone was laid by our Former Prime Minister Rt.Hon. K.P. Sharma Oli last year. But we are still waiting for construction work.  It’s already a long wait and we don’t know how long we have to wait. So, may we humbly request Excellency, to look after in this matter seriously and personally. Your kind support in this regards will make our dream come true.

At the same time, President Xi Zing Ping concept of One Belt One Road will defiantly benefit to neighboring country Nepal and the Pokhara Korala boarder point relates to ancient Salt Trade rout which comes under Silk Road. So, if we could make excess through it will be benefited to China Nepal and India. So, we the people from Nepal and Government of Nepal should support for OBOR.

Talking about this city, Paradise Pokhara is a nature gift to mankind, which has been mentioned by Jules Reynard a famous French Author Said ” On Earth there is no Heaven but there are pieces of it.” and Pokhara is definitely one of those pieces.  Excellency ! I think this is your first visit to Pokhara after you assumed office in Nepal, I do believe after this visit there will be frequent visit of yours to Pokhara.  Wishing your happy stay in Paradise Pokhara . Last but not least, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to Her Excellency Madam Yu Hong, Honourable Ma Quinsheng  and Chinese Officials, Delegation team   my dear brother and sister  thank you being with us .
(A full version of welcome speech given by Palikhe during a street solar light handing over ceremony on May 7 in Pokhara)

Published on: May 7, 2017 5:03 pm

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