International promotion of Pokhara–Pokhara is known as Lake City where we could see 9 lakes inside the valley. The major attractions of Pokhara are the lakes and Annapurna range. Pokhara is naturally beautiful and culturally rich. The city which is 200 KM west of capital city Kathmandu is one of the key touristy destinations of Nepal.

More than 0.3 million foreign tourists visit Pokhara annually. Tourists reach Pokhara to enjoy and see the beauty of this city. Pokhara is also a gateway to major trekking routes like world famous Annapurna area and Dhaulagiri round. More than that, the city is also known as the destination of adventure as paragliding, bungee jumping and zip flying facilities are available here in Pokhara.

As of now, most of the tourists know about Pokhara mostly not by the promotional activities but by the mouth to mouth promotion. As tourists visit Pokhara, they go back to their home and tell their relatives and friends about the beauty and attractions of Pokhara. That makes other tourists visit Pokhara. But in this modern and 21st century, only by mouth to mouth promotion is not enough.

So, the entrepreneurs from Pokhara and the govern sector like Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) should work together to promote the Pokhara internationally. NTB remained idle for long because of the CEO selection controversy. But as it already got new CEO, the board should work dynamically to promote the Nepal in international arena. This is the age of promotion, without marketing, Nepali tourism can’t compete in the international market.

NTB should come up with concrete work plan to promote the Nepalese tourist destinations like Pokhara and other key destinations of the country. Talking about private sector, Western Regional Hotel Association Pokhara, Restaurant and Bar Association Nepal Pokhara, Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal Western Regional Chapter Pokhara and Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents have been promoting Pokhara internationally for few years. India, China, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia are some countries where above mentioned institutions promoted Pokhara in the past.

But, the effort of private sector is not enough. So, the private sector and the government sector should work hand in hand to promote the Pokhara and Nepal internationally. More than that, Nepal should also focus on the domestic tourism. Pokhara Street Festival, Ropain Festival, Paragliding championship, Pokhara Marathon, Aaha Rara Football Tournament and Safal Gold Cup are some of the events which have been promoting Porkhara for the few years.

Entrepreneurs from Pokhara should come up with certain tourism Packages to lure the international and domestic tourists. Some basics like- electricity, drinking water, road services, transportation, banking services and internet facilities should be provided accessibly to the tourists. On top of all, the part of security is must. Night life and hygienic foods are also other essentials.

Similarly responsible and eco-tourism, home stay tourism, village tourism and corporate social responsibilities and code of conducts are also important phenomena. Picture: Ram Gurung

Published on: June 2, 2016 2:11 pm

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