Only technology can save our federalism

By Rup Narayan Dhakal : There is now a kind of tension among the Nepali people because of the unilateral increment in tax rates following the announcement of federal, provincial and local level budgets in […]

Parking in the busy road

By Rup Narayan Dhakal–Pokhara is said to be a tourism capital of Nepal and entrepreneurs from this city also have been urging to formally declare the city as such capital but the ground reality of […]

Welcoming mountains of Pokhara

By Rup Narayan Dhakal—Pokhara: As it comes the name of Pokhara, it closely relates to mountains and lakes. Situated some 200 km west of Kathmandu, Pokhara offers stunning views of Annapurna ranges including several other […]

Menstrual hygiene management

By WaterAid : WaterAid is a UK based charity dedicated exclusively to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest and marginalized people. WaterAid UK is a Charity registered with […]

A decade old flashback of ABC trek

By Rup Narayan Dhakal : It is a story of a decade old and I was still suffering from knee ache as I had just back from Panchase trekking; however I prepared myself for the […]

Journalist or agent of political party?

By Rup Narayan Dhakal–This is not an uncommon to ask a newsman in Nepal- which political party’s journalist are you? It is because, there are dozens of political parties in Nepal and most of them […]

A big thank you for all !

“Our character is not defined by the battles we win or lose, but by the battles we dare to fight”. After almost 20 years , local election took place in some parts of Nepal including Pokhara- […]

Changing Pokhara is my dream

I don’t know if I did a right decision to stand for Deputy Mayor or not. It was nothing related to election but my dream of changing Pokhara into advance spiritual city. Hoping everything that […]

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