Bhintuna Rally organized in Pokhara

Participants of Bhintuna Rally organized in Pokhara on Friday. Picture: Dinesh S Palikhe/FB

Pokhara—Newa Khala Kaski (NKK) has organized a Bhintuna rally on the occasion of Nepal Sambat 1138 in Pokhara on Friday.

The rally began from Pokhara City Hall chok and went through main junctions of Pokhara to reach NKK office at Bhimsen Tol. Meanwhile Newari people exchange their New Year wishes there.

NKK is an umbrella organization of Newari people from Kaski district. Today is the day of Mha Pooja which is also known as the first day of the year as per Nepal Sambat. According to, Mha Puja is purification, strengthening and understanding of oneself.

Mha Puja carries all the grandeur that a typical Newa festival or ritual possesses. It also is distinct from other Hindu or Buddhist worships in that it is the worship of oneself and not the usual worship of Gods and Goddesses or others. Mha Puja is an annual ritual performed by the people from Newar community of Nepal to mark one’s essence and to empower the soul.

Newari dances, playing of Newari instruments and cultural tableaus were the major attractions of the rally. It is believed that Sankhadhar Sākhwā started Nepal Sambat in Nepal and he was a Nepalese philanthropist who exempted the debts of all the people in Nepal and started a new era today in the name of Nepal Sambat.

Newari women in thier traditional attiring- Haku Patasi participate Bhintuna Rally organized in Pokhara on Friday. Picture: Dinesh S Palikhe
Published on: October 20, 2017 2:06 pm

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