At least 62 killed in Portugal fire

A firefighter rests next to fire combat truck during a wildfire at Penela, Coimbra, central Portugal, on June 18, 2017.

Portugal –At least 62 people were killed wounding 5 dozens as wildfire ripped through central Portugal. The government also declared three days of mourning as the Saturday blaze left the country in deep sorrow.

Eight firefighters and a child are among the injured. Some of the people who wished to flee the fire burned to death in their cars, official informed.

The blaze went through Pedrogao Grande community, compelling residents to flee the site to escape the flames. that occurred about 120 miles north of Lisbon.

According to Interior Ministry official Jorge Gomes, many people were traveling by cars to escape the flames but they remained failed in their wished and compelled to face the tragedy. Firefighters were busy to exhaust the fire till Sunday.

The municipality’s Mayor, Valdemar Alves, said there were areas “completely surrounded” by the blaze and not required number of firefighters to battle the blazes.

Published on: June 18, 2017 9:57 pm

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