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Participants of an interaction on mass media policy. Picture:

Pokhara—High Level Committee for the Implementation of Mass Media Policy has proposed the National Mass Media Authority and the National Mass Media Training Foundation in Pokhara on Tuesday.

The committee and Information Ministry have organized an interaction here to collect the suggestions and advice to make a mass media policy of the government. The interaction was organized especially focusing on Province number IV. Journalists, representatives from various political parties, entrepreneurs and advocates were among the participants of the interaction.

Speaking in the program committee Chairman Kashi Raj Dahal informed that the committee is trying to give the final shape to the draft to make a mass media policy. The policy is believed to be a supporting part to the mass media law that is due to be prepared by the government.

The draft has proposed media authority and foundation body to make media sector more managed and responsible. As per the concept, the mass media training foundation will train the journalists about their task and duties. Likewise, media authority will be a strong mechanism to make media sector more managed and accountable.

Similarly, the draft also proposes the Advertisement Council, media museum, Press Council as regulatory body and many more. According to Chairman Dahal, the committee is trying to make a final report comprising the policy regarding to federal mechanism.

Earlier, the program was inaugurated by Pokhara High Court Chief Justice Kumar Chudal. Government deputy secretary Guna Raj Shrestha, FNCCI former Chairman Anand Raj Mulmi, Kaski CDO Hari Prasad Mainali, CPNUML leader Prabha Koirala, NC Leader Krishna KC and CPNMC leader Dipak Koirala put their suggestions during the program chaired by FNJ Kaski Chairman Dipendra Shrestha.

Journalists taking part in an interaction on mass media policy in Pokhara on Tuesday. Picture:


Published on: April 4, 2017 6:42 pm

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