Federal alliance leaders warn of revolt

Participants of a mass meeting organized in Pokhara on Thursday. Pictures: Rakshya Photography

Pokhara—Federal Socialist Forum central vice chairman Hemraj Rai warned of revolt if there happened civic polls without the amendment of the constitution in Nepal.

Addressing a mass meeting organized by Tamuwan Samyoukta Sangharsha Samiti (TSS), one of the member organizations of the Federal Alliance (FA), Rai stressed on the need of amendment to fulfill the rights of Madhesi and Janajatis. He also warned of revenge if the government advanced unilaterally.

Federal Democratic National Forum Chairman Kumar Lingden claimed that the CPN-MC and Nepali Congress deceived the FA but according to him, the agitation for the identity would go ahead in do or die way. He urged the government to amend the Article 274 of the constituent before amending the whole constitution of nepal. ‘We won’t let to carry out the polls without amendment.’ he warned. According to him, FA will announce the program of protest after April 3.

Tamu Dhi Nepal President Ms. Karma Tamu urged the government to ensure the rights of Aadibasi, Janajatis, Madhesi and marginalized groups. She also appealed to boycott the polls if there is not guaranteed the rights of the above mentioned communities.

TSS coordinator Hum Tamu said that the polls without amendment of the constitution would be a deceive against them. He also warned of punishment against those who oppose the amendment process. Earlier, a rally was started from Ranipauwa to reach Chiple Dhunga of Pokhara.

Published on: March 30, 2017 7:45 pm

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