Hotel Association urges China to include Nepal in its destination list

Pokhara—Hotel Association Pokhara Nepal has submitted a request letter to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Nepal. Requesting China to include Nepal in its destination country list, HAPN chairman Mr. Laxman Subedi has written to the Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Mr. Chen Song.

In the submitted letter, the HAPN has expressed its pleasure by the January 20 announcement of the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism that China will resume tourist trips for organized groups to 20 countries beginning from February 6. According to chairman Subedi, the pilot program for the resumption of the outbound group tours is a milestone for China after nearly three years of suspension and represents the nation’s boosted confidence in its implementation of pandemic prevention measures after it has optimized and entered a new phase of Covid responses.

‘When China announced the reopening of outbound travel for its citizens, we tourism entrepreneurs in Nepal were quite hopeful of welcoming a good number of Chinese guests in 2023. However, our hope has been dashed by the disappearance of Nepal from the list of the 20 countries,’ the letter speaks.

Nepal is a beautiful country with a rich culture, history, and diverse natural landscapes, ranging from the Himalayas to the tropical Terai. The country has a lot to offer to tourists, including trekking, mountaineering, paragliding and cultural experiences. Entrepreneurs believe that including Nepal in the list of tourist destinations for Chinese citizens will help revive the tourism industry and boost the Nepalese economy, as well as provide Chinese tourists with unique and memorable travel experiences. Furthermore, it will foster cultural exchange and strengthen the relationship between Nepal and China.

The letter further reads that HAPN would be grateful if China could take this request into consideration and allow the Nepalese tourism industry to benefit from a large number of Chinese tourists visiting the world. Furthermore, it will provide Chinese tourists with an opportunity to experience the unique and diverse culture, history, and natural beauty of Nepal.

Hotel Association Pokhara is a member organization of Hotel Association Nepal and is a roof of more than 300 hotels in Gandaki Province. It has been conducting dozens of national and international tourism-related promotional campaigns for years. Pokhara offers varieties of tourism-related services including hotels, restaurants, trekking, and travel to visitors. Visiting Chinese tourists don’t miss enjoying the paragliding in Pokhara and Chinese tourists are our major source of tourism. On January 1, 2023, Nepal also inaugurated a new international airport in Pokhara built by the China CAMC Engineering Co Ltd with Chinese EXIM bank soft loans.

Published on: February 4, 2023 12:23 pm

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