Khagaraj Adhikari appointed Gandaki Province Chief Minister

Khagaraj Adhikari

Pokhara—CPN-UML Gandaki Province Parliamentary leader Khagaraj Adhikari has been appointed as a Gandaki Province Chief Minister. Gandaki Province Chief Prithviman Gurung appointed Adhikari as Chief minister as per article 168-2. The article reads about the majority and support from more than 1 party to form a state government.

Mr. Adhiakari who hails from Beganas from Nepal’s Kaski district gather the majority support of total 33 lawmakers- CPN-UML- 22, CPN-MC- 8, RPP- 2 and a lawmaker Rajiv Gurung aka Deepak Manange in a 60 member Gandaki Province. The largest party with 27 lawmakers would remain as the main opposition in the parliament.

Involving in Nepali politics for more than half a century, CM Adhikari is also a former Home Minister and Health Minister in the federal movement. He also contributed as a former chief of the whip of his party and now he is a standing committee member of UML. Adhikari is also a former free student union chairman of PN College.

He was sworn in amid a formal ceceremony today. Adhikari who appointed three ministers- Sita Sundas from CPN-UML, Hari Bahadur Chuman from CPN-MC and Pancharam Gurung from RPP also were sworn in today.


Published on: January 9, 2023 5:12 pm

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