What is the YouTube Algorithm?

By Rup Narayan Dhakal–Search, trending, subscription, homepage, and recommendation are five major parts of the YouTube algorithm. At the same time, relevant keywords, eye-catchy thumbnail, and video-language translation also are very important factors regarding the YouTube algorithm. Audio quality, making the video in the series base, and telling the users about your next video also are good ideas for getting more views. There are millions of creators on YouTube and you should prove yourself better with valuable content. So, for this, here I am going to give you some important tips about the YouTube algorithm. 

So, posting a video alone on YouTube doesn’t work enough to get more views. Before we post a video on YouTube, we should understand the working style of YouTube if we like to see our video with better ranking. For this, we should understand the YouTube algorithm. Literally, a precise rule specifying how to solve some problem is an algorithm. Understanding the YouTube algorithm means your channel has more views, watch-time, audiences’ engagement, and their retentions which are very important factors for every YouTuber who wishes to become a successful creator.  

So, before uploading your video, name it carefully with a descriptive word. It is because the filename of the video matters importantly when it comes to the matter of video searching. Similarly, the title of the video should also be attractive and compelling. Title starting with why, who, how…..help more to appear the video in the search result. More importantly, the title, tag, and description of the video should have more similarities to give the video a good search-result and better ranking. Likewise, the requirement of an interesting and eye-catchy thumbnail can’t be avoided.  

Like our daily routine works– sleeping, working, and eating, YouTube’s artificial intelligence also expects some routine treatment from every creator. So, it is better to upload every new video at the same time break. Responding to the comments and interacting with subscribers will be more helpful to increase the audiences’ retention and engagement in the video. Also use other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to promote your video and get more views. Every social media also has its algorithm that helps to bring your video in the search result. So, include your channel’s social media links below in the video description.

YouTube behaves every user differently as per his or her choice and activities in the platform. When you watch a video, YouTube populates lots of other videos on the homepage as per the category and user’s interest. This is a system of a YouTube algorithm. So, you should understand such nature of YouTube so that you can upload videos as per the users’ interest which guides more views and watch time. Watch-time is the power to influence the channel popularity and its ranking. YouTube promotes the video which has more watch time and engagement. To increase engagement, you should make quality videos. And also should care about the click-through rate. So, again your focus should be on the quality of the video. Another important thing is the velocity of the video. Velocity here means the ranking of the video at a particular time. So, the first 24-hours are more important to get ranked the video nicely. 

The other two important factors of the YouTube algorithm are search results and recommended videos. Those things relate to effective metadata and engagement respectively. Title, tags, and description concern with metadata. So use catchy titles and long keywords. Likewise, suggested or recommended videos are triggered by comments, likes, and watch-time. The recommended video list is also shown as per the analytics data and the videos watched previously. The impact of the YouTube algorithm could also be seen on searching, notification, homepage, subscriptions, and trending videos. 

The YouTube algorithm directly concerns the performance of the uploaded videos. The performance here means the popularity-velocity of the video. This thing is based on clicks, watch-time, likes, and dislikes of the video. At the same time– comments, shares, and how frequently you upload the videos also affect the video’s performance. It means uploading videos consistently helps more to grow your channel. So, the algorithm treats users as per his or her watching history to offer him further videos because YouTube tracks its users’ watching nature and history on the platform.

So, I would like to recommend for better metadata allying with the YouTube algorithm. Firstly, you should understand your users and subscribers’ watching history. Then, make new videos accordingly. Secondly, optimize your video description and text. The important thing is that, in the description and tags, you should not exclude the keywords used in the title of the video. Another tip is uploading your video often in such a time that your subscribers are online. Similarly, try to turn your audiences into subscribers of your channel and try to make them engaged throughout the whole video. Also, translate your video’s description in other languages except for English so that you have more chances of getting more views and subscribers. Using a playlist also helps grow the channel and beating the YouTube algorithm. 

If you know about the algorithm better, you can grow your channel faster and easily. If gaining more views is your key motive, you should understand about the algorithm and its system. YouTube is a kind of machine and it has its way of working. If we understand it, we can take our channel in a higher ranking. So, content creators should know the YouTube algorithm system. There are scores of videos about the YouTube algorithm on YouTube. They tell about the algorithm but they miss some important points. I am trying to include those missing things here in this video. So please watch the video till the end patiently. This single video can give you more ideas to bring your channel up.

So, knowing the YouTube algorithm is a must for every YouTuber. A Youtuber who knows more about the algorithm can grow his channel faster than others who know few about the algorithm. Study and watch more about the YouTube algorithm. There are numbers of books about the algorithm in the market but you can understand faster about the algorithm from some videos and texts available on the internet. The algorithm is also an experience for many because they feel its nature during the running of their channels as they directly experience what the algorithm works.

The algorithm is important here because it gives ideas to the creators on how they should post their videos. So, the right topic at the right time is a super important thing to hack the YouTube algorithm. Before creating a video, you should also carry out some research work on what is trending on YouTube and other platforms in a particular category. This idea helps you to grow your channel. Another important thing is you should capable to read your subscribers’ mood and interest so that video could be created as per their need and choice. This idea could be a game-changer to grow your channel.

What you should know is there are thousands of creators on YouTube and you can feel tough competition in this platform. So, you should prove yourself better here to get ranked at a higher level. Another thing is YouTube keeps changing its algorithm policies for the time being. So, you should be updated with a recent change of algorithm rules. For this, you should do hard work and also should watch other videos so that you can know what others are uploading and what content they are choosing to make videos. These things help to adjust to the YouTube algorithm. If you better understand the YouTube algorithm, you feel easy to meet your goal faster. Another thing is that you should not forget your channel niche. What category your channel concerns is a very important thing because the YouTube algorithm suggests your videos to the audiences who love to watch a particular category that you relate to. If you use mixed content, the algorithm feels confusing about whom to send this video. So you should be cleared about your category.

Published on: September 29, 2020 12:18 pm

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