NSJF Gandaki elects new executive body

NSJF Gandaki new committee; chairman Giri on fourth from left in front row. Picture: NSJF

Pokhara—Aakraj Giri has been elected as a chairman of Nepal Sports Journalist Forum (NSJF) Gandaki Province for three years of tenure on Saturday. Giri is a Pokhara correspondent of Gorkhapatra Daily and an executive editor of Pokhara Hotline daily.

NSJF first convention had to rely on a voting system to choose its chairman as Giri and another journalist Dinnath Baral filed their candidacy for that post. At last Giri secured 24 votes which is a vote more than Baral got. A total of 48 journalists took part in the election of NSJF which has a total of 54 members. Other executives of NSJF were unanimously elected earlier. Ranjan Adhikari has been selected as a vice chairman and Bijay Nepal got the responsibility of general secretary in the new committee. Rajaram Paudel as secretary and Sashi Pudel as treasurer are also the parts of the committee.

Likewise, Umesh Pun, Narayan Shahi and Roshan Adhikari are the members from open category. Similarly, Sushhil Nepali from Dalit side, Kaveeta Gharti Magar from woman side and Geeta Ranamagar from indigenous side also have been selected as the member of the NSJF. Following his selection, chairman Giri vowed that he would work for the capacity building of sports journalists. Meanwhile FNJ Gandaki chairman Tribhuban Paudel, rival candidate Baral and election committee member Prakash Baral congratulated Giri in a small function held following the vote counting in FNJ building at Pardi.

Published on: March 10, 2019 11:45 am

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