Leader Thapa lashes out PM Oli

Gagan Thapa addresses at Mahendrapool in Pokhara. Picture: Recentfusion.com

Pokhara—Nepali Congress central committee member Gagan Kumar Thapa accused Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli of ruling the nation with irresponsible manner. Addressing a mass meeting in Pokhara today, leader Thapa termed PM Oli naughty and wild.

Giving some examples, leader Thapa said that PM Oli is seemed irresponsible towards Dr. Govinda KC’s hunger strike, Nirmala Panta rape and murder case and wide body aircraft procurement deal. NC launched nationwide protest against government on above mentioned issues today.

Thapa further said that garnering more votes or support from people is not a license to wilderness. So, according to leader Thapa, PM Oli should be more responsible as he is in the seat of top executive of Nepal. He also accused PM Oli of working against the federalism and republican system. “The big enemy is PM himself against federalism,” Thapa claimed.

Leader Thapa added that the incumbent government did nothing important for the people and nation rather destroy international relation with many countries. According to him, Nepal’s relation with the US is not sound as former released statement criticizing latter.

Saying that the economy of Nepal is in the verge of collapse, leader Thapa pointed PM Oli behind that situation. The government is failed to uplift the country’s economy, Thapa said, no foreign company is ready to invest in Nepal now.

Published on: February 4, 2019 4:44 pm

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