An itinerary of 2019

By Rup Narayan Dhakal : Welcome to 2019! but every New Year is not other than a pass over of an imaginary timeline. Time is movable and every second has its own newness and character as per the happenings in the surroundings. Nepal Government officially follows Bikram calendar but Nepalese has very strong attachment with Gregorian calendar like in most of the parts of the world.

So, what does such New Year mean to Nepal? Definitely it matters much only if we have commitment and implementing capacity. Nepal has now 2/3 majority of government but large number of people has started criticizing the government’s working style for few months. The government’s pace is slow though, as per official claim, it is heading to right direction.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s government has an ambitious slogan- Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali. So, to meet this goal, the government and the nation should expedite its delivery speed and should care very common problems people facing in day-to-day life. Price controlling, market monitoring, public transportation improvement, service seeker facing problem in government offices are some of those examples.

At the same time, Nepal seems very poor in corruption control index. The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority has very low level of success in corruption control as it has lost most of the cases in the court. So, such anti-graft body should be made strong to control corruption. The most important thing is strong action against impunity, maintaining the law and order in the society; but the government seems very congested against impunity.

Such situation is taking Nepali youth to frustrate like state in recent time. Hundred of youths go for overseas for employment every day. Countrysides seem empty and hectors of land have  been left barren. When we look into the graph of import and export, the scenario seems catastrophic. In such a situation, government should come up with a concrete plan to utilize the barren lands. At the same time, the nation should have investment friendly atmosphere and the opportunities of employment should be generated inside the nation so that the youths retain in their own land. When nation rises productions, the trade deficit also automatically comes to a normal level.

But why is not happening this in Nepal? The question directly relates to Nepali politicians as most of the Nepalese hardly believe them though people voted them in election. Leaders don’t keep up with their words. They don’t implement what they committed earlier. So, leaders should only speak what they can deliver. False commitments are killing the people’s belief over their leaders.

Like leaders, Nepali media has also very controversial character and double standard. Media in Nepal uses political eyes to see the things. When it comes the issue of development, media is divided into ruling side and opposition side rather than seeing the issue impartially. So, Nepali media should improve its attitude and should come more responsible for the development of nation.

There are certain other things which should also be sorted out. The government should have zero tolerance over the issue of conversion, communal violence and hate speeches against the nation. Above all, the basics like health and education should be the responsibility of the government and the technology should be adopted to take the nation to new height of development.

Published on: December 31, 2018 3:34 pm

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