Tim I Gurung to publish book on Gurkhas

Tim I Gurung (right) in a press meet in Pokhara on Thursday. Pictrue: Rup Narayan Dhakal

Pokhara—The Mechi-Mahakali research tour has been wrapped up in Pokhara on Thursday. The tour that began 1 moth before aimed to know the participation, bravery and difficulties of Gurkha soldier in World War II and onward. Tim I Gurung who born in Dhampus, Kaski of Gandaki Province and is a businessman as well as an ex-Gurkha is going to write a book about Gurkha soldier, their history and legacy.

After visiting UK, Myanmar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia including other countries, Tim had set a journey to villages of Nepal that is the origin of Gurkha soldiers. According to Gurung, he had done face to face interviews with 70 ex-Gurkhas including five centenarian women of different 25 districts of Nepal. He will cover their difficulties they faced during their service as a Gurkha soldier and try to write some unwritten stories of Gurkhas in his upcoming book which is to be published after one year.

Gurung further added that Mt Everest, Gautam Buddha and Gurkhas are the major aspects that could identify Nepal worldwide. He has already published 14 books and the draft of upcoming book is going to complete soon. ‘Gurkha issue is not only the issue of Nepal but also is an international issue; so, I am going to write on this issue in English medium,’ 50-year-old author added- though many books have been written on Gurkha, all are from western point of views, but I will write it from our point of view.

He became Gurkha soldier at 17 in 1980 and voluntary retired in 1993 after 13 years of service in 6th Gurkha Rifles. Then he started his own furniture business in China after quitting a job of quality control there.

Published on: September 13, 2018 4:43 pm

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