Paschimanchal Hotel Association Pokhara urges for regular power supply in tourism area

Hoteliers in NEA Pokhara premises. Picture: Rup Narayan Dhakal

Pokhara—A group of Paschimanchal Hotel Association Pokhara (PHAP) has visited Nepal Electricity Authority Pokhara branch demanding the regular power supply in Lakeside and Damside area on Wednesday.

Entrepreneurs from different hotels including the some executives of PHAP called on NEA Pokhara Chief Surendra Kumar Shah in his office room. Though NEA had declared Pokhara a load shedding free area, Pokhareli consumers have been facing power interruption in recent days. They have suffered power outage without any pre-notice for hours these days. In this context, PHAP Chairman Bikal Tulachan said that the electricity is very essential factor for the hotels and whole tourism sector but the supply is not regular even in this rainy season that is helpful to edge the power shortage. “We urged NEA chief to solve the problem of power outage as fast as possible,” Tulachan added.

PHAP has been urging the government to declare Lakeside and Damside area a Special Tourism Zone but the area is facing power fluctuation which is not only hampering the hotel sector but also posing the security threat to the region. PHAP Advisor and former Chairman Govinda Raj Pahari said that the tourism is very sensitive sector where bad news goes viral but good news always remains in shadow. So, according to him, if there happens anything bad during the time of darkness that affects tourism sector badly.

NEA Pokhara Chief Shah however clarified that the old supply system of NEA, maintenance works and overload in some transformers are the causes behind the temporary power outage. He also claimed that there was no regular load shedding and its schedule in recent months. He also informed that NEA is preparing to install a total of 4 transformers only in Lakeside area. He further said that his office is also planning for two feeders in Lakeside area of Pokhara. Chief Shah also suggested the big hotels and institutions to install their own dedicated transformers to skip the overload problems.

According to him, NEA Pokhara has urged the government to establish another sub-station in Birauta area as there is only one sub-station at Kundahar for Pokhara area. He also asked for help to install a transformer in Khahare area of Lakeside as some locals are not ready for that citing the possible radiation and magnetic web threat which, Shah denies. PHAP General Secretary Ganesh Raj Pahari promised for any kind of help to install new transformer in Khahare area.

Published on: August 8, 2018 6:22 pm

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