Rs 24.0233bl budget presented for Province 4

Gandaki Province Assembly building

Pokhara—Province 4 Finance Minister Kiran Gurung presented the budget of Rs 24.0233bl for upcoming fiscal 2018/19 in province assembly meeting in Pokhara on Friday. The capital expenditure covers 66 percent, current expenditure 29 percent and financial management 5 percent in the budget.

The budget has Rs 800M deficit that would be fulfilled by internal debt. Tourism, energy, industry and physical infrastructure development are key focuses in the budget. Provincial policy formulation, provincial infrastructure development and balanced development with employment are also the important parts of the budget.

Productivity growth in agro sector, poverty alleviation and controlling of starvation are also the key factors of the budget. Formulation of tourism master plan of province 4, home stay development and three tier of tourism years also are mentioned in the budget.

Published on: June 16, 2018 9:05 am

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