Women Entrepreneurs Expo kicks off in Pokhara

Inaugural program of Women Entrepreneurs Expo. Picture: PCCI

Pokhara—Women Entrepreneurs Expo has kicked off in Pokhara on Wednesday. Province 4 acting Speaker Srijana Sharma inaugurated the four day long expo at Pokhara Exhibition Center in Naya Bazaar.

A total of 70 stalls have been installed at the festival venue where goods and products produced by women are being displayed and traded. Goods and times produced in small and cottage industries, handicrafts items, Dhaka, garments and grocery items have been kept in the expo organized by Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry- Women Entrepreneurs Development Sub-Committee. The expo has also been supported by FNCCI Women Entrepreneurs Development Committee and Sub-Committee.

Entrepreneurship development among the women, marketing of goods and items produced by women entrepreneurs, sharing of experiences, offering them tax education, are some of the key aims of the festival, informed organizing committee coordinator Sita Baral.

Addressing the inaugural session, deputy Speaker Sharma said that the existing constitution of Nepal has given lots of rights to Nepali women. She further asked all the women to have an entrepreneurship for their better life and prosperity of the nation.

FNCCI Senior Vice Chairman Shekhar Golchha, FNCCI Province 4 Chairman Sanjiv Bahadur Koirala, PCCI Chairman Bishwo Shakar Palikhe, FNCCI central committee member Kamala Shrestha, Province 4 assmbly members Prabha Koirala and Mina Gurung put remarks during the ceremony.

Entrepreneurship seminar, IT session, free eye camp, breast and uterine cancer check up, banking literacy orientation also are the attractions of the expo.

Published on: June 13, 2018 6:00 pm

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