Bal Krishna Dhungel released

Bal Krishna Dhungel

Kathmandu—Recently dissolved CPN-MC leader Bal Krishna Dhungel who had been serving jail term in murder conviction has been released today. He walked free after seven months as the government waived his term on the occasion of Republic day on Tuesday.

Dhungel’s release recommendation made by than PM Dr. Baburam Bhattarai government in 2068 BS was stayed by the Supreme Court and this time too, a writ petition against the government decision on Dhungel’s release is also registered in the court and it is due to be cleared though he walked out the bar. Supreme Court of Nepal had convicted Dhungel on Push 19, 2066 for life imprisonment with property seizure in Asar 10, 2055 BS on murder case of Ujjan Kumar Shrestha of Okhaldhunga- Pokali. Nepal Police- Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) had nabbed Dhungel from his rented room from Lalipur Satdobato 2017 AD and had been sent to Dillibazaar Sadarkhana jail to serve his sentence.

Nepal had waged a decade long people’s war started from 2052 BS and Dhungel was convicted one of the same war era crimes. As Nepal Government and then Maoists clinched a Comprehensive Peace Accord in 5 Mangsir of 2064 BS, there was raised a demand that Dhungel’s case must be addressed as per the aspiration of peace accord instead of existing law of Nepal. Earlier Dhungel was convicted by District Court in BS 2061 Baisakh 21 and had served jail term but later, the appellate court revoked the case in 2063 and Dhungel was released from the jail.

Published on: May 29, 2018 1:03 pm

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