All kinds of smuggling would be scraped: Home Minister Thapa

Ram Bahadur Thapa addressing a press meet in Pokhara on Monday. Picture:

Pokhara—Home Minister and CPN-MC leader Ram Bahadur Thapa said that his ministry is preparing for scrapping all kind of smugglings like the illegal import of gold in Nepal. Addressing a press meet organized by Press Center Nepal Kaski in Pokhara on Monday, minister Thapa claimed that home ministry will cruelly work against the use and trade of narcotics, all kinds of syndicates, black market and hooliganism.

According to minister Thapa, black market and smuggling are hindering the prosperity of Nepal. “We are ready to tear the net of smuggling,” he further added. He also informed that the government is making the list of gangsters to take action against them. Home Minister Thapa also said that his ministry is working to forge a certain rule and regulation to control the sales and consume of alcohol. According to Thapa, the plan of systematic sales and consume of alcohol and controlling of the drugs are on cards.

He also informed that the security meeting that concluded the day before in Pokhara also discussed on trade of narcotics, syndicate, black market, hooliganism, national integrity, smuggling, illegal guns and the activities against social harmony. Minister Thapa also claimed that certain forces are trying to disrupt the social harmony in the names of religion in Nepal. ‘Some elements are trying to create conflict among Hindu and non Hindu people; we would actively work against such misdeeds,’ Thapa told reporters.

Published on: May 14, 2018 1:26 pm

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