Education Day is designed to encourage young people : Ngawang

Ngawang Gurung, Managing Director, Learning house

Education Day 2018, sponsored by U.S. Embassy, is designed to encourage young people of Kaski District to chase after their dreams and create change within their communities. In addition to speakers from U.S. Embassy and notable entrepreneurs, students will be able to practice English with conversational questions, receive one-on-one advising from Learning House and U.S. Embassy advisors, and obtain information regarding student programs and the visa application process. Students, parents, relatives, and teachers are welcomed to attend the program.

Why is Education Day organized?
Education Day is sponsored by U.S. Embassy Nepal and hosted by Learning House. In the past, students had to travel to Kathmandu to meet U.S. Embassy representatives and receive quality information on study abroad. We organize this event each year to provide accurate information and inspire leaders in Pokhara.

Who should visit Education Day?
Our program is free in order to encourage students, their parents, and the greater Pokhara community to attend. In addition to U.S. Embassy officers, local entrepreneur Dorje Lama will share his story and Republica editor Subhash Ghimire will speak so those not only with interest in education, but also business and entrepreneurship will enjoy attending.

Why might this event be beneficial?
Our program is interactive and designed to encourage participation. Participants can practice English with facilitators and visit advisors for one-on-one counseling on American education. Attendees will be able to access firsthand information instead of relying on rumors of hearsay.

What might participants find at this event?
Scheduled lectures will occur throughout the day in the main conference hall, and an Information Booth will provide direct access to counselors and U.S. Embassy representatives. There will be a Maker Table for those who like to build and create, and a band will perform at 2pm.

How can people attend?
Advance registration is not required. Doors open at 10am for registration and the first speaker will begin at 10:30AM at Durbarthok Banquet on March 9.

Published on: March 8, 2018 12:05 pm

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