Route permit to tourist vehicles is impractical : Bobar Jang Gurung

Bobar Jang Gurung

Bobar Jang Gurung is the newly elected Chairman of Tourism Transportation Committee (TTC) that recently concluded its 9th convention and 17th Annual General Meeting in Pokhara. Here is presented a short chitchat with Gurung who is also an owner of Hotel Karuna, Flyzone Paragliding and Nepal Jang Treks and Expedition. Excerpts:

Could you tell us your future plans as the head of TTC?
First of all, I would work to make TTC as a strong professional organization. Besides that, I am thinking of holding serious talks with the government agency to systematize the road accident related cases in the context of our vehicles. We actually would like to urge the government to amend third party insurance policy so that entrepreneur won’t need to bear additional compensation in case of shortage of funds to treat the victim by third party payment.

What kinds of problems that TTC has been facing now?
Well, there are scores of problems that we have been facing but the government recently introduced new provision about the route permit and vehicle test is very unpractical that pushes our business in the verge of collapse. So, we urge the government to retain erstwhile practice.

Tourists accuse TTC of forcing the syndicate especially in travel fare; what would you like to say?
This is not a true and we don’t unilaterally out our fare list however we fix certain fare for certain route while travelling in or reserving certain vehicles. The fares we charges are accepted ones by prominent tourism organizations like PTC, HAN, TAAN and NATTA. That provision lets tourists not to get cheated.

There is also an accusation that TTC vehicles don’t provide the amenities that they should offer to tourists, why is it so?
We don’t offer that kind of services that like tourist vehicles run under NATTA provide. Tourists can book, reserve or take in rent our vehicle if they like. Everybody could observe our vehicle before taking and booking the services that don’t relate to any other traditional tourist bus services that is offered in previously fixed routes.

Would you like to add something else at last?
Tourist vehicles run under TTC are very safe and comfortable and they have green number plate too. Even domestic (Nepali) tourists can travel in those vehicles as there is not any discrimination between domestic and foreign tourist regarding the using of green plates. So I would like to say that we can double the number of tourist arrival to Nepal if our vehicles are given the permit to travel some North Indian cities like Gorakhpur, Raxual or Varanasi.

Published on: August 22, 2017 9:36 pm

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