Re-polling in Bharatpur Metropolitan City on August 4

Chitwan—The Election Commission has announced the date for re-polling for August 4 in Bharatpur Metropolitan City- 19, today. The all party meeting chaired by chief returning officer declared the date for the re-election. Mute time has begun from Tuesday following the announcement of the date of re-polling.

Devi Gnwali from CPN-UML and Renu Dahal from CPN-MC who is backed by Nepali Congress are the major candidates for the metropolitan city. There are a total of 29 wards in that metropolitan city and the vote counting of 27 wards had already been completed but the counting was halted as the counting representatives from CPN-MC tore the 90 ballot papers while counting the votes of ward number 19 on May 28 at midnight. Devi had secured a total of 40980 votes while his nearest rival Renu 40196 as 2200 out of 2868 votes were already counted in that ward.

In June 3, the Election commission had decided the re-polling following the tearing of ballot papers but a petition was filed in Supreme Court demanding not to re-poll in that ward. However the court on July 30 upheld the decision of EC of re-polling.

Published on: August 1, 2017 8:29 pm

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