CPN-MC for directly elected President

CPN-MC leaders during their meeting in Kathmandu. Picture: www.cmprachanda.com

Kathmandu— The CPN- MC Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda said that his party is going to float a issue of directly elected President in political circle. Addressing a press meet organized in party Headquarter Perish Danda, Chairman Prachanda said that people are face up with number of governments that have been toppled in short terms for years in Nepal.

He further added that people are for the stable government at least for five year so that the government could forward the development projects for the people without any fear of toppling. He however said that his party is not going to come up with an agitation for executive president but the issue is put as a discussion agenda among the people and political parties.

Accusing that other major parties- Nepali Congress and CPN-UML of being weak in the past so they hesitated to support the issue of directly elected president but now, Prachanda said, they are stronger than Maoists so, the issue of the elected president could be a acceptable for all.

Prachanda also made clear that his party is for the fully proportional electoral system instead of existing system. According to him, existing system electoral system is very expensive so the proportional system, according to him, will pave the way of efficient to hold the election in Nepal.

Prachanda also requested other Maoist parties who split up from his party to come in their mother party for the sake of single strong Maoist party. He appealed Mohan Baidhya, Dr Baburam Bhattarai and Netra Bikram Chand Biplav to come for the unified party.

Published on: July 23, 2017 5:50 pm

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