Pokhara declared a no horn zone

People march in the street of Pokhara to declare Pokhara a horn free zone on Sunday. Picture: Bishnu Hari Adhikari/Facebook

Pokhara—Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City (PLMC) has been declared a no horn zone today today. The PLMC Office and District Traffic Police Office Kaski jointly organized a rally and mass meeting to declare Pokhara a horn prohibited area.

According to rules, the horn could only be blown in turning and emergency services. PLMC Office Mayor Man Bahadur GC declared Pokhara a horn prohibited area in a special function organized after a rally. As per the plan, a total of 119 hoarding boards would be installed to aware the drivers for not to blow the horn. The awareness campaign will be running till July 23 and one who unnecessarily applies horn would be punished after the deadline. Pressure horns are totally banned.

Horn blower would be fined Rs 500 first time, Rs 1,000 for second time and then Rs 1,500 after second time, informed District Traffic Police Office Kaski Inspector Bishow Raj Adhikari. But transport and vehicle entrepreneurs have opposed the idea of no horn that the campaign allegedly lacks the preparation and infrastructures. Likewise, issuing a statement, Western Regional Hotel Association Pokhara has welcomed the idea of no horn zone.

WRHA Pokhara Chairman Bikal Tulachan informed that his organization had been demanding to declare Lakeside a no horn zone for years but the PLMC Office declared whole Pokhara a no horn zone. “I would like to welcome the idea of no horn zone but the infrastructures should be established  before implementing the idea in full fledged.’, said Tulachan.

Published on: July 16, 2017 10:53 pm

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