Kabul bomb blast kills at least 80

A wounded man at the site of a truck bombing in Kabul, the Afghan capital, on Wednesday. The attack appeared to be one of the bloodiest of the country’s long war. Credit Omar Sobhani/Reuters

Kabul—At least 80 persons were killed and dozens other injured when a powerful tanker bomb exploded in Afganistan’s capital Kabul on Wednesday, official confirmed.

The cloud of black smoke could be seen above the Kabul police spokesperson Basir Mujahid informed that the presidential palace as blast went off near German Embassy. Mujahid also said that there are several offices near the blast site but it is still unidentified about the exact target.

Dozens of door glasses and window screens were shattered during the blast that left impact even far from the epicenter. According to media report, some 5 dozens injured were rushed to hospitals. The responsibility of the blast has not been claimed from any side yet. Most of the internationals troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan at the end of 2014 and the Taliban raised its hold some of the important areas of Afghanistan though though President Ashraf Ghani’s ruling holds all provincial centers.

The bombing has been said to be one of the bloodiest of the long Afghan war. The blast occurred during the morning rush hour leaving panic in most of central Kabul. The plumes of smoke were rising from the site till later. Kabul’s police chief, Gen. Hassan Shah Frogh informed that the explosives had been in a tanker truck which is used to empty the septic wells. “The blast dug a big crater as deep as four meters,” or 13 feet, General Frogh told to international media reporters. Updated : At least five Nepali also injured during the blast, Nepali Embassy in New Delhi said.

Published on: May 31, 2017 4:49 pm

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