A big thank you for all !

Ramjee Kunwar and Sarswoti Gurung. Picture: Ramjee Kunwar FB

“Our character is not defined by the battles we win or lose, but by the battles we dare to fight”. After almost 20 years , local election took place in some parts of Nepal including Pokhara- Leknath. No doubt, this has strengthen the democracy and the ultimate power is in process of transferring from central to local level.

However the result was not in our favour, we take this not as a defeat but a democratic process to empower people and to strengthen the institution. We will work as a good opposition for betterment of the people of Pokhara- Leknath. A good opposition is always needed to make sure that the government be adhering rules and regulations and be answerable for its actions and policies. There needs to be a way of ensuring that the majority party in power is scrutinized, examined and authenticated for purpose and are not acting in a totalitarian manner . This can be done by creating checks and balances. We will make sure that we do our part for the people of Pokhara-Leknath.

Our effort to make Pokhara- Leknath a better place to live for everyone will not end here and will continue even more. We, all will need to work on this actively. A better society can only be created with everyone’s participation. So we suggest everyone to be a responsible and dutiful citizen. We congratulate new elected Mayor, Deputy Mayor and all the elected members to have a successful tenure. Our support , good wishes and constructive feedback will be always there.

All the enthusiastic voters of Pokhara-Leknath metropolitan city , who believed in us and voted , we sincerely want to THANK YOU. Your support has been a big boost and it has helped us to motivate and focus. Also to all the members , party activist , leaders , regional leaders, ward leaders , friends, families , individuals, professionals, everyone who have supported day in day out unconditionally, a big thank you for all your help, support, advice, guidance and feedback.

Also , it’s is very important that credit must be given to the coalition government leaders and election commission who have ensured free and fair election in a very challenging time. We hope to listen to you so please do get in touch, send your suggestion, comments and your observation.
Jai Pokhara- Leknath , Jai Nepal !!
(The piece is taken from the facebook wall of Ramjee Kunwar)

Published on: May 27, 2017 9:23 am

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