Changing Pokhara is my dream

Searose Vijaya Koirala

I don’t know if I did a right decision to stand for Deputy Mayor or not. It was nothing related to election but my dream of changing Pokhara into advance spiritual city. Hoping everything that we dream coming true. We were given only 5 days to tell our fellow citizen what we can change and how life can be so easy.

I am not really concerned that who suggested me not to stand but sit, I am concerned that we are not yet ready for change. One thing which vividly comes to my mind is that 5-6 old man ( above 60 to 70 years) from my home area went to door to door telling everyone how their candidate could be defeated if they vote me.

I have always dreamed Pokhara being jealously beautiful city in the world. I have been to many cities where there is development, employment and greenery but not hills, jungles and Annapurna Mountain Range as we have. Their citizens are concerned about their development and impacts on their personal life but we are more concerned on our political parties.

Even today we talk how our politician are influenced to India, China, European Union and America, how they sold themselves for gaining power and the position and how they made our nationality vulnerable. We will always stand for the rights and development of our lives. We have so much potential and our country young men are in Gulfs and Malaysia expecting their families will have easy living. We want them to be proud Nepali staying in Nepal.

This time we did everything in 5 days to stand for Deputy Mayor but for next time we have started from Today. We will expect all of you who stand for development of Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan city and for Nepal to join this mission and be in touch with us.
(The piece is copied from Facebook wall of Koirala, who is the deputy mayoral candidate of Pokhara Lekhnath Matropolitan City)

Published on: May 20, 2017 9:54 am

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