Time has run out, MK Nepal tells Dr. Bhattarai

CPN-UML senior leader MK Nepal addressing a press meet in Pokhara on Monday. Picture: Recentfusion.com

Pokhara—CPN-UML senior leader and former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Monday said giving particular election sign to some of the parties has been late at that time when the election date is not such far now.

Speaking in a press meet organized by Press Chautari Kaski in Pokhara, senior leader Nepal added that the parties who have been urging for particular election sign for them was impossible now.

When asked about the demand of Naya Shakti Nepal’s Coordinator Dr. Babu Ram Bhattari who had staged protest program for an election sign, Nepal said that his demand could not be fulfilled as there is very limited time for the election. ‘He and his party now can come up as party-less candidate freely in election’, Nepal suggested.

Nepal also said that the CPN-UML is in very good state win the local level election. ‘Some forces may come up with conspiracy to foil the election, but no force could be able to thwart the election.’ Nepal said.

Hoping that Madhes based some disgruntled forces will take part in election; Nepal squashed the matter of constitution amendment putting the issue of provinces’ demarcation in idle. ‘Let’s have election first, and then go through the demands of some forces if the demands are relevant and important. ‘Nepal said.

Published on: April 3, 2017 8:50 am

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