Madi homestay gaining popularity in Chitwan

A group of visitors in a homestay of Madi. Picture:—Pokhara: The Shivadwar Homestay in the Terai Arc Landscape (TAL) is gaining popularity in recent months. This home stay was formally inaugurated about one year before on 27 December 2015 in Chitwan district of Nepal.

There are a total of 11 households with a total of 22 rooms and 44 guests can rest at a time in this homestay running under Ayodhyapuri Buffer Zone Community Homestay in the Madi Valley. Most of the owners are from Magar community. This homestay directly created the employment opportunity for 60 villages in this area.

Madi Valley is one of the important parts of Terai Arc Landscape. This village is surrounded by Chitwan National Park in three directions but Someshor hill lies in the southern part that touches Valmiki Tiger Reserve of India.

In the connection of homestay, the WWF Nepal has been trying to uplift the living standard of villagers by creating opportunity like this hospitality business. Most of the villagers are highly dependent on natural resources and economically independent.

Tourist can do so many activities around Someshwor-Churia Corridor Forests and Chitwan National Park like jungle walk, elephant safari and bird watching. The village also has around two dozens of ponds where tourist can enjoy fishing.

According to WWF, in order to empower the local communities towards integrated biodiversity conservation and economic development through the sustainable use of their resources, Terai Arc Landscape program, a joint undertaking of the Government of Nepal and WWF Nepal, has been supporting indigenous communities towards homestay programs.

According to a homestay owner Gita Pun, villagers have already participated a hospitality training program organized by TAL. Madi Valley covers 238 square km of area that is the home land of 37,683 people. Pictures Below are by

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Homestay Menu

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Published on: December 7, 2016 12:00 pm

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