Constitution amendment bill within two days: CPN-MC leader Pun

Barsaman Pun—Pokhara: CPN Maoist Center leader Barsaman Pun claimed that the government is preparing to register a constitution amendment bill in parliament within two days.

Speaking in a press meet organized by Press Center Nepal in Pokhara on Saturday, Pun said that the amendment bill will be carried out in a consensus among three major political parties.

Saying that Nepal’s constitution is a dynamic, it will be amended as per the people wish and requirement. He added that the issue of federal boundary would be sorted out by a commission that will be formed soon. Pun also stressed on identity, capability and accessibility as basics of bordering process.

He further added that the issue of citizenship would be sorted out as per the provision of interim constitution of Nepal. He also claimed that the government is being cordon by media and social media though it is working for people well-being.

According to Pun, the governments 100 days are very successful as the government is maintaining the balance relationship to Indian and China. Pun also claimed that the impeachment motion against CIIA Chief Lokman Singh Karki would be passed by the political parties after consensus.


Published on: November 12, 2016 7:39 pm

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